It was the summer of ’99, when our friend Jimmy who owned a local kebab shop commented he couldn’t find a tortilla wrap that wouldn’t crack or split when rolled. This sparked an idea… 
We found an old Fish ’n Chip shop that we renovated to become our first bakery. We tried loads of things, but in the end, traditional methods were the way to go! We rolled dough balls and hand-stretched each wrap and tortilla, cooking them on a hot plate over an open flame.
In the beginning not everyone believed in us, but with pioneering spirit we packed our bags and headed to the home of tortillas to refine our craft, Mexico! Many tortillas later, we journeyed through the US to discover the exciting evolution of the wrap. 

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Lucy the Mixer.png

As word spread and our business grew, we managed to buy equipment to keep up with demand – ‘Lucy’ was our first mixer, and we traded the fax for a computer. Things were looking up! 
Fast forward a few years, a new, world-class ‘Bread Quarters’ in Upper Hutt meant it was time to upgrade to the very best of equipment, while still making sure our wraps were baked the traditional way, over an open flame.  

From day one we’ve brought you quality, and we know you expect it from us. From the smell and taste of the real herbs and vegetables, to the smooth, rounded edges that you see, and the softness you feel. The care that our team puts into each batch of dough, shines through in every delicious wrap. Enjoy with your family and friends – and remember there are ‘no rules’ with your Farrah’s Wraps, so have fun!

Farrah & Jovan

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