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Farrah’s 12" Spinach Wraps
Chicken thighs (marinated overnight in Jamaican Jerk Sauce)    
Canned corn kernels (drained)
Red capsicum (diced)
Mango dressing
Lime wedges
Sour Cream
Salt and pepper

Pan fry the marinated chicken until tender and cooked through. Set aside.

To make the corn salad:
Pan fry corn kernels and capsicum with a splash of oil in a fry pan on high heat until slightly charred.

Remove from heat and allow to cool. Toss with mesclun greens and dress with mango dressing and a squeeze of lime juice. Season with salt and pepper.

Use Farrah’s Wraps straight from the packet, layer with the corn salad mix and jerk chicken, finish with a couple of dollops of sour cream.

Fold up the bottom of the wrap and then roll to form the wrap, leaving one end of the wrap open.

  • Give other Farrah's Wraps flavours a try! Fire Roasted Pepper or Multigrain would also be delicious for this recipe!
  • See our Tip & Tricks page for step-by-step wrap folding techniques.