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Farrah’s Premium White Wraps
Sirloin Steak
Salt & pepper
Olive oil
White or red onion (sliced)
Capsicum (sliced)
Provolone cheese (sliced)

Season steak with salt & pepper and brush with olive oil.

Heat pan until almost smoking and cook steak as desired before transferring to a chopping board to rest for at least 5 minutes.

In the same pan cook the capsicum and onion and turn off heat.

Thinly slice steak across the grain and return to pan.

Top with the provolone, allowing it to melt on top of the steak mixture.

Fill the wraps and wrap in a burrito style, before cutting in half and serving with shoestring fries.

  • If you don’t have provolone cheese, mozzarella or another melting cheese will work just as well.
  • Serve with a tomato relish for some added zing!